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The towels are a joint project with Marieah for DAZ.  She remains a pleasure to work with and the project seems to be going expeditiously.  There is a chest, waist, head, and floor prop towel version, plus a bonus rubber ducky and a neck towel.  It's quite a full-featured set.

The Shower of Roses is another hybrid Poser/DAZ item for my Rendo store, since the Petal Storm has done so fantastically.  It's a rose prop that can be morphed open and closed, and there are separate props for a stemless version, a leaf, and an inner and outer petal. The inner and outer petals are mapped differently so that they can have graded blush on the petals, and I can imitate some of my favorite varieties of rose in the textures (there are SO many gorgeous roses where I live that aren't just plain red).  The archetypal red rose will be there too, of course!  I also plan a storm of falling roses and a sheet of stemless blossoms for floating on water or lying on the ground.
Minyassa Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
NEAT!!!! I have been dying for a texturable realistic rose!!!!
SickleYield Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Me too, almost since I started in DAZ and Poser! Hopefully others feel the same. :)

We have a local variety that is sunset orange with a crimson center. I'm going to try and include them in the textures.
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Submitted on
June 26, 2012