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Thank you to everyone who left wishes for me to feel better yesterday!  I was too zonked to respond to most of them, but I still appreciate it.  I'm not feeling awesome today but I feel better than yesterday, at least.

Periodically I have someone ask me to do a modeling commission.  When I was doing this as a hobby, I would accept one once in a while, but I don't any more as a rule.  Here's why.

1.  I can't afford it, and neither can you.  My present earnings at DAZ normally average out to about $40-$50 an hour.  Making a full outfit, with multiple pieces, good morphs, and good textures, takes more than 20 hours.  Most people think they're spending a lot if they offer $30 and resale rights, and the resale rights aren't worth much because the outfit is one I wouldn't be able to sell (because it's a very niche item, or for reason #2).  Compared to spending that 20 hours making something I know will sell 200 copies in my DAZ store, plus catalog sales, I literally can't afford to do most commissions. 

2.  You want something of questionable legality because IT IS ILLEGAL TO CHARGE FOR FAN ART.
  The United States has strict copyright and trademark laws.  If you have seen a movie or show in English that wasn't a fan-sub or fan-dub, it has a U.S. license and is protected by U.S. law.  This means that the rights are held by a large corporation with many lawyers. 

Fan art is tolerated by these corporations because it is free, or because it falls under Fair Use as parody or criticism.  As soon as money changes hands, they're going to start taking notice.  They have to; if they don't defend their copyright they'll eventually lose it.

Some DAZ artists come very close to the line on this issue.  A lot of them are not in the United States; they're in countries where it would be harder for the corporations to prosecute them.  I'm an American, I live in the Seattle area, and I'm not risking it.  Next.

3. You want something I don't want to make.
  This is actually way, way behind the other two, but I do occasionally get a request I would turn down even if it were 100% legal.  Making an exact copy in a new medium of something that already exists is boring for me.  Similarly, I have my own sexual interests that probably do not coincide directly with yours, and I'm not going to make a private product for that sort of thing either.  The third category for this is that it's something fiddly and unmarketable that I just don't care enough about, like a full painted anthro armadillo-person with armored shell, tail and ears, or a business suit with holes in the back for a tail and wings.  If you've got a passion project like that you need to learn to make it yourself, and in fact I'll be happy to help you with your process.
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I'm a 3d modeler, texturer and rigger. I work with making conforming items, characters and props for the Genesis figures in DAZ Studio.

My DAZ store:

And at Renderosity:…

Regrettably, I am no longer able to accept commissions for models. I just have too many projects going at any one time.


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tora-no-shi1369 Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have said in the past that you like to know how your products are used(Except Porn and that stuff.) I offer you the following. I promise no bad things here(as I have said before, I don't do porn).…
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ThierryCravatte Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for faving my 'Tentacle attack !' ! I really appreciate your interest for my work !
SickleYield Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It had some nice atmospheric postwork!

Also I like tentacles. ;)
ThierryCravatte Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much !!
Arlesienne Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Hi there!

How are you in the middle of PA Sale, still breathing ;)? Please let me take you a minute or two. I got GenX2 to keep me busy and transferred Mayflower. Would you like to get her? She doesn't require anything as I built her on Genesis and then transferred onto Gen2F. I plan to make a journal with more promos and an offering of her (the first twenty people, say, who request her will get her as a free gift, whereas my watchers may request her for free regardless on time they do that), but first, my fellow 3D artists I owe so much :). Please drop me a note if you are interested.


PS Thanks for arousing hopes of you working on Mei Lin 6! :giggle:
SickleYield Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, but I always have more female characters than I will ever use; and I try not to add more morphs when I'm trying to motivate myself to do more face packs.
V3Digitimes Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi SickleYield. I wanted to thank you for your rencent fav(s?) and comment(s?). A lot of work for me presently but I'm always happy to read what you share in your journal!
SickleYield Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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