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So, it looks like it's time for some reminders and updates on the conversion processes and where we stand.

Right now you just can't use V4, G1 or G2 skins on G3F.  I don't know if this will change.  Given the new UV and material setup, probably not.

Expressions will not transfer in either direction.  G2F's face is animated with morphs, whereas G3F's is animated using a full bone rig; they're just not compatible setting types.  You can see G3F's facial bone rig by using the "show hidden nodes" option in the scene tab, but don't do it unless you really need to; there are many, many small bones there.

 A couple of people have told me that when using shoes, this method doesn't work for them with G3F.  It still works for me. I think the problem is that I wasn't clear enough that you have to select G3F, hold down CTRL, and then click the shoes at one particular step, because it's still working for me converting shoes from G2F to G3F regardless of heel height.  This is visible in my promos for Fantastical Features, which shows a pair of very high heels made for G2F working perfectly.  I've edited the tutorial to make it clearer that BOTH need to be selected before the transfer rigging step, but G3F needs to be selected first.

You can use any hair with any figure.  Just parent it to the head instead of conform it.  It will jump off into space; go into the transforms in parameters and set them all to zero to get it positioned around the character's head.  Then use scaling and its morphs to fit it.  You will see this in many of my product promos now and in the future.  Lyoness is also a master of this recycling technique, as you will see in her promos - she uses V4 hair, jewelry, clothes, you name it, and so should you, if you want the best value for your money.  I will be doing a video tutorial on quickie hair shader settings for Iray before long.

There is not yet a clone for converting from V4 or Genesis to G3F, but don't worry, I'm confident there will be in future.  The transfer utility method detailed here for retaining custom bones does work if you remember to change the weight mapping from TriAx to General first.  If you don't, DS will crash.  The problem is that it will split the new weight mapping between the G3F bones and the custom bones of the item, causing all kinds of mess when you try to use either.

I still plan to do a dress template for G3F if I can figure out a good rig (G3F is harder to rig for than G2), so that should help with some of the long dresses and skirts that presently don't work because DAZ's native templates stop at the knee.

Bafflingly, more PAs seem to be submitting clothes without either smoothing modifers OR push modifiers, so you will want to add those yourself when clothing a lot of morphed characters.  You can do this in the scene tab, by hitting the little button on the upper right and choosing the edit--geometry options to find these.
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I'm a 3d modeler, texturer and rigger. I work with making conforming items, characters and props for the Genesis figures in DAZ Studio.

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Regrettably, I am no longer able to accept commissions for models. I just have too many projects going at any one time.


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SnowSultan Featured By Owner 20 hours ago   Digital Artist
Do you happen to know if the large free DieTrying morph set that has been available on ShareCG for Genesis 1 and 2 will also be made for Genesis 3? I thought I remember you helping to make those available, so figured I'd just ask.  :)   Thanks!
SickleYield Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Probably not.  There's been conversion degradation with both generations I put them across for, and I shudder to think what the G3 version would look like if it was possible to convert it at all.  Just trying to get the bone adjustments to work would be prohibitive.  Sorry!
SnowSultan Featured By Owner 18 hours ago   Digital Artist
Rgh, that's disappointing. I thought the G2 ones were very good and really didn't notice any degradation as far as artistic use went (I used them in my pics all the time). None of our textures work, now this...I want to like G3 but they're making it so hard.   ;)

Thanks for answering!
SatsukiHime1031 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Struggling to learn IRAY, but your tutorials are helping a lot. 
SickleYield Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I'm glad they are helping. :)
andy3250 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 24, 2015
I just wanted to drop a quick line.  Your rendering tutorials (specially your PDFs) are the bomb.  I had no idea what did what, so thank you for simplifying it enough so that people with my skill set (or lack there of lol) can understand!
SickleYield Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
You're so welcome!!  I'm glad that it helped you. :)
ANGELREAPER1972 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I know you'd prefer to stick to using creating stuff if you can since ZBrush costs so much you wanna get the most out of it don't blame you there but I came across another program looks interesting might be good for you arsenal for working on UV Seams that may help with your little problem called Blacksmith3D over at Rendo, there's a free trial version if you spend 3.95 on something maybe anything on Rendo not sure, a standard version and a pro version…
SickleYield Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I own it actually, I was unaware it could do hirez displacement sculpts.  Does it?
ANGELREAPER1972 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
not sure haven't got it myself yet but it looks like something I really could use myself got to go to work but I've downloaded a copy of the free manual of the latest version 6 might give you the info…
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